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Equine Magic is a natural Manuka Honey cream handcrafted in Blenheim, New Zealand, by
The Honey Collection. Company founder and Veterinary Nurse Jean Coombe created the original
formula over 25 years ago.

The UMF15+ Manuka Honey in this cream has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory
qualities which can help soothe the skin, increase the speed of healing and help lessen scarring.

Manuka Honey UMF15+ is well known for its therapeutic properties.

Equine Magic aids in the treatment of a variety of minor skin conditions including cuts,
abrasions, irritation, dry, flaky or cracked skin, boils, abscesses, hotspots, rashes, eczema and
other topical skin conditions, and is effective to use post-surgery.

Apply twice a day to the affected area, morning and night. For open wounds apply more often,
keeping an eye on the wound to make sure it is well covered with the cream.

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